April 25, 2024

US officials say Biden should ban hundreds of Russian lawmakers

US officials say Biden should ban hundreds of Russian lawmakers

Washington administration and Biden are preparing obstacle The lower house of Parliament, the United States, continues its repression of Moscow against most members of the Russian State Duma. Invasion of Ukraine.

President Biden is expected to announce sanctions against more than 300 members of Russia’s State Duma during his visit to Europe on Thursday, where he will meet with NATO allies and plan their next steps, according to US officials. Internal documents accessible through The Wall Street Journal.

US officials say the sanctions will be announced jointly with members of the European Union and seven developed countries.

The National Security Council declined to comment.

President Biden will announce the ban on most members of Russia’s lower house of parliament on Thursday.

Patrick Simansky/The Associated Press

The sanctions imposed so far have not convinced the Russian president

Vladimir Putin

It is not possible to determine the effect of the measure on Russian lawmakers to prevent the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

An official said that planned ban packages are often delayed, reviewed or finalized during the mid-term review process before they are finalized and released.

The expected sanctions targeting 400 people, including 328 Russian deputies and elites, come with the Russian invasion of Ukraine entering its fourth week.

last month mr. Sanctions were imposed on Putin and several senior officials in his government.

So far, Russia’s military progress has been slower than many expected Ukraine’s opposition intensifiedbut mr. Putin has shown little interest in defusing the crisis.

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The Russian Federal Assembly has the State Duma with 450 seats and the 170-seat Senate, the Bundesrat.

Although the Duma is much less powerful than the Russian president, in recent years it has expanded its constitutional responsibilities, especially with regard to the country’s economic affairs. It acts as a link between different communities and the government to address grievances and concerns and distribute government aid to the public.

Last month, Russian lawmakers called for recognition of the two Russian-controlled breakaway states of Donetsk and Luhansk. Putin appealed directly.

This month a committee in the State Duma Law approved Accused of spreading “false news” about Russian military operations against Ukraine. The bill carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

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