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His daughter Anna should get a room with him after deportation

His daughter Anna should get a room with him after deportation


March 23, 2022 – 10:47 am hour

No wonder the story of Anna Sorokin (31) was filmed. Because the scammer had just resisted being deported from the US in a really cinematic way. Now the father of the 31-year-old comments on his daughter – and paints a picture of a woman who has made mistakes, but who should always return to him. Although it should always have been about the money.

Conversations with her daughter Anna are about money

Vadim Sorokin (58) is the father of what is likely to be the world’s most famous con artist: Anna Sorokin, who prefers to call herself “Anna Delphi”. Under the name, she managed to appear as the heir to an oil business worth $ 60 million. This fake character infiltrated the high society of New York City and stole thousands upon thousands of dollars. She lived the life she always dreamed of.

Vadim speaks to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” about his notorious daughter. Luxury has always been her craving: “She wanted to live like Paris Hilton, but we couldn’t give her that.” For a while, Anna managed to trick this life into herself. But now she is in prison and is supposed to be deported – to Germany. Even from prison, the 31-year-old knows only one thing, according to her father: “I talk to Anna three or four times a week and our conversations are always the same – she needs money.” Because even though she made a big deal with Netflix, Anna reportedly needed the money.

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In the video you can watch the full story of Anna Sorokin again.

“She didn’t even tell me she loved me.”

Vadim tells the Daily Mail that his daughter has a special ability to wrap everyone around her little finger. Even now in prison, Anna is supposed to pay people to wash her clothes or do other things for her. “She didn’t even tell me that she loved me,” Vadim says of his daughter. Instead, she says to me: ‘I am your only daughter.’ You have to help me and give me money.”

Incredible words that a loving father – after all – should listen to. However, it would not cross the mind of the Russian emigrant to disown his daughter. If she is deported from the United States, the 58-year-old said, she will be given a room in the family home: “And while we will support her, we will not allow her to repeat her past mistakes.”

A chance for a fresh start

Vadim Sorokin believes in the good – also in his daughter: “Every day is a new beginning. I don’t think she is evil inside. Now for the first time she has to figure out what she wants to do with her life.” Maybe her family can really help her with that. Because she is behind Anna – regardless of whether she likes to call herself “Sorokin” or “Delphi”. (vne)

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