June 24, 2024

UK Reader Game: Quarter Final Two

Lulu – Photo: Instagram @lulukc

Good evening! The first six semi-finalists in the UK Reader’s Game were decided. You can find them listed below. In the second semi-final, which starts today, the next 10 teams will try their luck. Lulu (top photo), who won the 1969 pageant alongside Salome of Spain, Lenny Kohr of the Netherlands and Frida Boccara of France, is still active today. for the year 2023 A tour across the UK has been announced. If you plan to be there at ESC in Liverpool and want to stick around: On May 12th, you’ll be performing in Stockport, 40km from Liverpool. This week you can decide if she will “appear” again in the semi-finals of the Reader’s Game. There are once again ten titles to choose from battling for entry into the semi-finals.

1st Quarter Final – Result

102 readers cast their votes in the first quarter-final and helped these 6 entries reach the semi-finals:

  • Brotherhood of Man – Save Your Kisses for Me (1976)
  • Backfizz – Make Your Mind Up (1981)
  • Jessica Garlick Returns (2002)
  • Lindsey Drakas – No Dream Is Impossible (2001)
  • Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson – vocals, Little Birdie (1959)
  • Allison – Are you sure? (1961)

Sort alphabetically. We will post the exact results at the end of the reader game. These four titles didn’t make it:

  • Daz Sampson – Teenage Life (2006)
  • Joe & Jake – You’re Not Alone (2016)
  • Kathy Kirby – I Belong (1965)
  • Michael Ball – One Step Out of Time (1992)
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But everyone still had one last chance at a second chance vote in the Quarterfinals.

Second Quarter Final – Voting Mode

You can in the quarter-finals 4 points, 2 points and four times 1 point forgive. If you like less posts, you can award less points. Please correct here Or in the Google form embedded below.

Entering an email address is mandatory so that you can be sure that your vote has been received. You will then receive a confirmation email containing an overview of your vote.

Voting continues Fri 3/3/23 at 9:00 p.m. Subsequent votes will not be counted. There are six direct qualifiers for each semi-final. The second quarter-final qualifiers will be announced next Sunday when voting for the third quarter-final begins.

Quarter Final II – Entries

You can find voting contributions starting today embedded below or in this Youtube playlist.

Playlist of entries from Quarter-Final Two

Frances Rovell – We Shall Be Free (Lonely Symphony) (1994)

Sweet Dreams – I’ll Never Give Up (1983)

Cliff Richard – Congratulations (1968)

Imaani – Where are you? (1998)

Katrina and the Waves – Love Shines Light (1997)

Jade Ewen – It’s My Time (2009)

Blue – I Can (2011)

Sonia – Better The Devil You Know (1993)

Lucy Jones – Never Give Up (2017)

Lulu – Boom Bang A Bang (1969)

Second Quarter Final – Vote

Please award (even) 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 point. If you want to open the voting form in a new window, you can here click.

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