June 14, 2024

UK: New King Charles Banknotes | NORDIC.info

New banknotes with uncrowned portrait of King Charles III. Millions are being printed by the Bank of England but won’t go into circulation until the middle of next year.

This is what the new £10 note, which will be in circulation from mid-2024, will look like. Uncrowned Charles in obverse. (Photo: Bank of England/BBC)

The king’s image will be the primary design feature on the front of the new £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes. From next year, they will mainly replace damaged or worn banknotes of old designs.

However, the reverse side of the currency notes will not be affected by the change. It still includes (in ascending order) former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, author Jane Austen, painter JMW Turner and mathematician Alan Turing.

Problem Challenge: Vending machines and self-service checkouts can recognize Charles’ new image. As this process requires a certain amount of preparation time, the release of notes begins accordingly BBC Clear only after printing.

About 4.7 billion rupee notes bearing the image of Queen Elizabeth II are still in circulation

A Bank of England spokesman said: “Work is being carried out to ensure UK machines accept the new notes. All of them should switch to the new format with software updates.

As a precedent, numerous notes bearing the image of the late Queen Elizabeth II are still in circulation. We are talking about 4.7 billion notes worth 82 billion pounds. After the new notes are released, they can be used normally in shops.

A new 50p coin with the king’s portrait was launched a few months ago. It takes months before it appears in the purse.

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