April 25, 2024

UK: Groceries can be ordered via TikTok

UK: Groceries can be ordered via TikTok

In the UK, TikTok is launching a new service. Grocery box suppliers have recently started selling their products via the platform.


The basics in brief

  • Many UK suppliers are now submitting their products on TikTok.
  • Food related content has generated over 26 billion clicks to date.

There is also a huge demand for groceries on TikTok. Many UK suppliers are now offering their meal packages directly through the video app. TikTok users can now buy groceries through the platform.

Cooking box suppliers such as Pasta Evangelists, The Veg Box Company and The Fish Society have been offering their products this way since Monday. The trade magazine “The Grocer” reported that brands can give out exclusive discounts, among other things. By doing so, TikTok in the UK is following the trend of other companies that want to take advantage of the growing food delivery business.

According to the video service, the food content has already gained more than 26 billion views. “Enabling brands and manufacturers of fresh food to sell directly to our community with a seamless transaction in a TikTok store is the next logical step,” said Managing Director Patrick Numensen. Pasta Evangelists co-founder Finn Lagun called it “an exciting opportunity to change the face of modern retail.”

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