June 21, 2024

Twitch: When 1.21€ suddenly becomes 121€

from Sebastian Glanzer
Be careful with your donation! Twitch recently launched a new Hypechat feature that allows viewers to pin messages in chat for money. However, you should check the amount very carefully before sending the donation. Because the noise chat feature does not correspond well to decimal places.

The live-streaming platform Twitch recently launched a Introduced a new feature called Hypechat. With Hypechat, viewers can send chat messages worth from $1 to $500 (streamers can set a minimum amount of up to $100). These messages are then pinned to the top of the chat. The duration of the pin, the number of characters, and the visual design depend on how much the viewer spends on it.

Higher-value hype chats stay pinned to the top of the chat longer, increase the character limit, and are more visible. Hypechats is available in addition to existing monetization features such as Bits, subscriptions, and gift subscriptions. However, the interface still has a serious flaw, such as twitching banners sour Offers.

Oops, donate €121 instead of €1.21

Twitch Partners sour The live broadcast shows how the viewer wanted to donate €1.21, but instead sent €121 to the operator. In a Twitter clip, the streamer shows how easy it is to pick the wrong value when setting an amount in cent amounts. The clip shows him entering a total of €1.21, going into the message field and €1.21 automatically becoming €121.

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