June 21, 2024

Tucked underfoot - Wissenschaft.de

Tucked underfoot – Wissenschaft.de

Introductions are like sermons: They often make you yawn because they’re nothing more than a must. Very different in the book Peter Loveman, Journalist and Forestry Graduate: Anyone who reads the introduction wants to know more. The book is not only exciting, but also important for our future. Because soil is the basis of our life: it provides our food.

Loveman writes of all aspects: How is the floor made? How does it consist? What are the organisms that harbor them? Why is more and more land being lost – and how can the deadly trend be reversed? But also: What is the importance of soil in different religions?

The clamor in the ground is impressive. Hardly anyone digging their garden realizes that they are interfering with a complex ecosystem. On average, about 80 earthworms live under one square meter. In the Black Forest, around Feldberg, there is even a giant worm, along a forearm. There are also many spiders, snails, and beetles, as well as countless mites, fungi, and algae – not to mention myriad bacteria. Pesticides and fertilizers change this delicate structure. Additionally, many soils around the world are threatened by salinization, erosion, and desertification. Loveman describes all of this in an engaging and engaging way. He mentions strategies for how to preserve the ground beneath our feet for future generations.Klaus Jacob

Peter Loveman
C. Bertelsmann, 191 S., € 18, –
ISBN 978-3-570-10406-4

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