May 19, 2024

Train your brain with 5 tips

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  2. Live healthy

Many physical and mental functions decline with age. The good news: Anyone can do something for their mental health.

Brain performance decreases with age and this is completely normal. If you want to stay fit into old age, you need to start training early. Stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise are factors that can cause this brain It should definitely be avoided. Bad effects are not only felt physically, but they make themselves felt mentally as well. To prevent this and maintain your physical fitness until old age, you should follow the following tips.

1. Healthy Gut for Brain: What is the Impact of the Microbiome?

If you keep your body fit, you support your mind too. Smoking, obesity, alcohol and too much stress should be avoided. © Scientific Image Library/Imago

The role of the gut in health has received increasing attention, especially in recent years. In fact, the gut microbiome also appears to have a crucial impact on our mental health. “The better our microbiome is, the better it is for our brain,” explains brain researcher Manuela Macedonia. shortening.

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Serotonin, which is produced in the intestines, is especially important for brain fitness. Serotonin, also known as the happiness hormone, is produced only in moderation in depressed people. To enhance production, it is recommended to maintain a balanced microbiome. A healthy diet rich in fiber can help.

2. Healthy eating keeps you young: Eat without trans fats

The relationship between nutrition and brain performance is also evident in other areas. By choosing the right foods we can effectively support our brain. If we eat foods that contain a lot of fat, sugar or additives, it is more likely to lead to brain damage. According to researcher Manuela Macedonia, industrially produced foods in particular are poison to the brain. The trans fats it contains can release inflammatory factors throughout the body and thus in the brain as well.

3. Brain exercise: running instead of brain jogging

Exercise is probably one of the most important factors in keeping your brain fit. Through regular physical exertion, the cells are supplied with a sufficient amount of oxygen. This not only increases the ability to concentrate, but also combats the breakdown of brain cells.

When you run, some nerve growth factors are released, which are important for the formation of networks in the brain. Regular exercise can slow down the aging process. the Global Health Organization Therefore, three exercise sessions of less than an hour per week are sufficient. To rejuvenate the brain.

4. Adequate sleep: Why is rest so important for the brain?

Regular relaxation and, above all, adequate sleep play a major role in overall health. The brain also benefits from relaxation phases. On the other hand, too little sleep and poor sleep quality are linked to diseases such as cardiovascular problems and Alzheimer's disease.

5. Musical Mind: Keep your head fit through music

In one Long-term study to Queen Sofia Alzheimer's Center In Madrid, researchers examined so-called “super-settlers.” Although they were over 80 years old, these seniors were more mentally fit than average 50- to 60-year-olds. In extensive testing, the researchers found, among other things, that older people were more interested in music than many other people their age.

In fact, music is motivating OK According to the cranial nerves. Music affects the release of certain messenger substances such as cortisol, testosterone and estrogen. These so-called steroid hormones affect neuroplasticity and thus the brain's ability to adapt.

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