May 23, 2024

Torment’s New Gadgets section is now available • Nintendo Connect

Behavior Interactive announces that the twenty-seventh chapter of Died in broad daylightTools of Torment is available now and will take fans back to the modern era.

In Instruments of Torment, a new assassin, the Skull Dealer, enters the Nebula with his siblings Thalitta and Renato Lyra. Alongside the original chapter, there are also a wide range of new cosmetics, including ultra-rare outfits for Skull Merchant, Thalita, and Renato, as well as two new outfits that will be released later this spring.

Technology as a tool
The Skull Merchant is an apex hunter who uses horrific technology to weave a web of surveillance. She has a constant source of information at her disposal thanks to her drones, which she builds from the remains of her victims.

The Skull Trader has set up its hunting base in the Protection Forest, which is why players will now encounter its luxurious and dreadful equipment on the map. The concept of inserting a new fragment into an existing map, thus permanently changing its layout, is another feature that Tools of Torment brings with it.

Better together
Brothers Thalitta and Renato used their shared passion for kites to settle small sibling feuds. A special bond arose from this, which resulted in their talents surviving. These talents for teamwork are geared toward cooperation and activation as long as Thalita or Renato remains near the other survivors. After a Survivor is healed, Thalita’s Teamwork ability: Duo’s powerful ability to increase the movement speed of the healed Survivor and herself. When Renato is healed by another Survivor, Teamwork: the ability of Mutual Stealth activates. Scratch marks disappear when the two players stay close to each other.

new groups
Skull Trader and his siblings are at the center of a new set of exclusive costumes to celebrate the release of Tools of Torment. Fans can purchase the ultra-rare Darkness Rising outfit for Skull Merchant from the Sonhadores Sombrios collection, inspired by her late father’s dark and gruesome manga. Thalitta and Renato can be worn in very rare outfits from the Family Album collection. Thalita wears the siblings’ gang outfit, which consists of a two-piece tropical swimsuit, while Renato’s sibling outfit consists of kite surfing shorts.
Two more kits will also be available in the coming weeks: starting March 22, 2023, various survivors and killers will receive new Techwear outfits.

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