July 12, 2024

Updates to the Sigma fp and fp L cameras bring features for filmmakers

Updates to the Sigma fp and fp L cameras bring features for filmmakers

Sigma has released firmware updates for its full-frame L-mount compact cameras, which have garnered a large following among filmmakers. For Sigma fp released in 2019, it is firmware version 5.0, and for the newer “Sigma fp L” version, it is version 3.0. With the firmware update, the two cameras got a new, warm picture style and several different functions that are especially useful for professional filmmakers. There are new functionality through a firmware update for the “Sigma fp” (left) introduced in 2019 with its 24.6MP full-frame sensor and for the “Sigma fp L” with its 61MP sensor and Hybrid AF, which followed in 2021 .

New functions through the update:

New picture style or color modeWith this update comes the new color mode.hot gold »added. This color mode creates a soft atmosphere in the image with muted tones and warm colors. Sixteen different predefined color themes are now available to fp or fp L users for faster color theme implementation.

Media representation of the exposureOf particular interest to filmmakers is the new EL Zone option, developed by cinematographer Ed Lachmann, that has been added to the False Color feature.

“El Zone” is an informational exposure display with similar use of a zebra pattern or histogram, but is more informative than a pure overexposure warning or a purely statistical distribution of image brightness levels. “El Zone” shows standard exposed subject ranges on screen in gray and shows six exposure levels in the direction of highlights and shadows in different colours. (“El Zone” derives its information from an evaluation of the actually recorded signal.) This function is recommended for filmmakers who always want to have an accurate overview of the dynamic range of the current recording while recording motion video.

Atomos Cloud support: This update supports Atomos Cloud, an Australian manufacturer of video field recorders such as the Atomos Ninja devices. Cloud-based video production has expanded the possibilities of film production workflows.
Sigma also wants to realize this trend with its cloud connectivity options. This requires an “Atomos Ninja 5+” recorder with the optional Atomos Connect Network Module.

Anamorphic Recordings Optin Portal: Another update content is adding new Open Gate setting for ARRI Alexa LF or Alexa Mini LF in “Parallax Out” mode for fp cameras. Open Gate gives ARRI lens users the following six anamorphic compression ratios: x1.25 / x1.3 / x1.5 / x1.65 / x1.8 / x2.

Sigma fp (L) with cinema lens as digital finder for diretto

This update has been added at the request of ARRI Rental, one of the world’s leading professional cinema equipment rental companies. The “Sigma ft / fp L” camera is equipped with an LCD View Finder LVF-11 and the director can use the handle as a viewfinder for the digital output. (In analog times, directors usually use an optic with a lens mount to discuss with the cameraman the section of the scene to be recorded.)

Option to turn off playback during long term recordings: After the update, cameras can also turn off during long exposures in the future.

Support 4TB USB SSD: Cameras can save movies directly to a USB-connected solid-state drive. The new one will be compatible with a 4TB external SSD drive. With a 4TB SSD, you can record over 1,000,000 high-resolution raw Sigma fp L images or 150 minutes of raw movie data. (Sigma recommends a 4TB LaCie Rugged SSD.)

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Prices and availability

New firmware for both cameras is now available Free Available as a software download from the support area of ​​the Sigma Global website.

Firmware update for Sigma fp 5.0 (download on support page)

Firmware update for Sigma fp L 3.0 (download on support page)

More information

Sigma fp series cameras (overview page in English)

sigma (manufacturer website)

Sigma Germany (manufacturer page)

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