June 14, 2024

This is how the fitness trend from Japan works

This is how the fitness trend from Japan works

Delight your body with just five minutes of exercise a day? Sounds perfect, but it should work with the Japanese fitness trend “Zero Training”.


The basics in brief

  • Zero Training is a fitness trend that originated in Japan.
  • It promises to achieve visible results quickly with five minutes of training a day.
  • Focus method: Tighten the body and improve posture.

body tightening, lose weight And muscle strengthening – the so-called “zero training” aims to do all this in just five minutes a day. The fitness trend that originated in Japan is designed to be used with minimal effort Weight loss helps.

Japanese fitness trainer Tomomi Ishimura is considered the developer of this method and describes in her book “The Zero Training Method” that the training aims to tone the body and fight muscle pain, among other things, by returning the body to “zero”. Site”.

According to Ichimura, the main reason behind this is our bad attitude The body droops with age Fat accumulates.

How does Zero Training work?

Exercise methods focus on five major parts of the body that don’t always get enough attention: the neck, shoulders, back, waist, and feet.

For exercises, you lie on your back on the floor, for example on a yoga mat. Ideally, you put your body slightly upright with pillows and put your arms at your sides – this is the neutral position of our body.

Great attention is paid to breathing during workouts, similar to yoga or pilates on them InstagramIn the account, Tomomi Ishimura explains the various exercises in detail.

How effective is the “zero training” method really?

Tomomi Ishimura claims that with the method of “zero training” it is possible to lose weight and up to three centimeters from the waist. Whether this method really guarantees fat breakdown and weight loss has not been scientifically proven.

However, we can benefit from regularly returning our bodies to a neutral zero position.

Good posture reduces back pain and other ailments. Light stretching and muscle exercises also help you to be more mindful and thus ensure a better body feel.

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