July 15, 2024

These ingenious recipes are perfect for your fall diet

These ingenious recipes are perfect for your fall diet

Do you want to lose a few kilos and start the fall season? Try it with onions. Because many types of vegetables can help us lose weight thanks to their components. Onions are one of them and they also provide a delicious and delicious taste in our dishes.

What makes onions so healthy?

Onions can be a valuable support in your diet. They contain quercetin, which boosts metabolism. Meanwhile, fat burning is stimulated by allicin, a reaction product produced when chopping onions. Isoalliin, also found in onions, promotes the formation of taurine. This leads to the release of hormones that promote the breakdown of fat cells.

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Particularly effective: onion shots

Many nutrients are destroyed by heating. Solution: For the purists, every day begins and ends with a dose of onions. To do this, squeeze four to five red onions and drink it (pure or mixed with tomato juice). This provides the body with twenty times the amount of quercetin it would otherwise absorb.

If you like spices more than immunity boosters, ginger potions and ginger drinks are just right for you.

Additionally, you can simply incorporate onions into your diet. With these recipes it works as well.

1. Onion and spinach omelette

Start your day with a protein-rich onion and spinach omelet. This boosts your metabolism and keeps you full for a long time. Cut to her onion And fry it in a frying pan with something olive oil in. gap Fresh spinach Add and fry briefly, then add one more at the end A handful of chickpeas From the box. Then water scrambled eggs Over it and let the omelet slowly settle. With a touch Pepper And Fresh herbs This refined dish is a perfect start to the day.

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A breakfast booster to start the day: a high-protein omelet with onions and spinach.© nata_vkusidey – adobestock.com

2. Fry onions and chicken with vegetables

These delicious stir-fried vegetables are easy to make and really delicious. Manal onion, Broccoli, zucchini And Chicken breast slices In a pan with something Coconut Oil in. Then add Fresh herbs And spices It is added to intensify the taste. Served in one serving Whole rice – And you get a balanced meal that keeps you away from hunger for a long time.

Healthy, delicious and low carb: Skillet Chicken with Onions is a great lunch during your diet.
Healthy, delicious and low carb: Skillet Chicken with Onions is a great lunch during your diet.© Nerodol – adobestock.com

3. Onion soup

Onion soup is a true classic that can be perfectly incorporated into your balanced diet. Steam them onion in ghee Until it becomes golden brown. Then pour them in Vegetable broth Polish your soup with it Bay leaves And zaatar. Toasted whole wheat bread It is a crunchy layer that keeps us full for longer.

Spicy and perfect for fall - onion soup.
Spicy and perfect for fall – onion soup.© Piotr Krzyslak – adobestock.com

4. Baked onion rings

Instead of greasy, fried fast food options, baked onion rings are a healthier alternative. to retreat onion rings In a mixture Whole wheat flour And spicesDistribute it on the baking tray Bake it in the oven until it becomes crispy. It’s perfect as a snack between meals and is a lighter version of the classic.

Onion rings are a delicious and easy snack between meals.
Onion rings are a delicious and easy snack between meals.© New Africa – adobestock.com

Onions can be incorporated into your healthy diet in several different ways. Its versatility, good taste and effect on metabolism make it a true nutritional superfood. Be sure to try this low carb onion cake, it’s perfect for weight loss and wonderfully crunchy! We’ve collected tried and tested low-carb recipes with few calories for you here.

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advice: If you do not tolerate onions well, you can combine dishes with caraway seeds. Or you can use vegetable onions, which are not too spicy and are easier to digest.