June 16, 2024

These foods contain vitamin D.

These foods contain vitamin D.

Bettina Marks

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Especially in dark winters, we must consume vitamin D through our food. These foods are especially suitable for this purpose.

Unlike many other vitamins, our body can produce vitamin D itself. However, solar radiation is necessary for this. Once UV-B rays reach the delicate skin, the body begins producing vitamin D.

Often underrated: This is why vitamin D is so important

Vitamin D is not actually a true vitamin, but rather an essential hormone. The hormone’s scientific name already reveals the value of vitamin D: kalciferol, in German “Kalkbringer”. The hormone helps transport lime (calcium) to where it is needed – bones and muscles.

Severe and chronic vitamin D deficiency can lead to diseases such as rickets, osteoporosis, or osteomalacia, among others. Deficiency can also increase susceptibility to infection.

All you need to know about vitamin D.

Solar radiation is necessary to produce vitamin D.

So it is important to replenish your vitamin D balance again and again. Our body can store vitamin D. But there is only enough stock for a few months.

But to prevent a vitamin D deficiency in winter as well, you should be absorbing sunlight regularly when the weather is nice. A good side effect: Fresh air stimulates circulation as well.

These foods contain vitamin D.

Especially in the dark months of the year, we must take in vitamin D through our food. The recommended amount is about 20 micrograms per day.

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Vitamin D suppliers, for example, include mushrooms, eggs, avocados, and types of fish that are high in fat. But butter and liver also contain vitamin D. You can find out what foods cover the daily needs of adults in this video:

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