June 23, 2024

High death toll and injuries in Italy

High death toll and injuries in Italy

3.1 million people are infected. The number of hospitalized patients increased recently from 23,247 to 23,656. 2,914 people were treated in intensive care units, an increase of 32 from the previous day. 369,636 swabs were taken, 7.3% of them were positive. Health officials said 6.3 million people have been vaccinated since the vaccination campaign began on December 27, and Prime Minister Mario Draghi submitted the new vaccination schedule to Italy on Friday. The number of daily vaccinations should triple from the current 170,000. Draghi said during his visit to the vaccination center at Rome’s Fiumicino airport on Friday that Italy had received about 8 million doses of vaccine to speed up the vaccination campaign. At the same time, the government wants to promote the production of an Italian vaccine.

In order to speed up the vaccination campaign, vaccination will not only take place in hospitals and vaccination centers, but also in companies, gyms and parking lots. General practitioners, sports doctors and dentists are participating in the campaign. The number of doses taken doubled in March. Draghi said that with the approval of the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, another acceleration is expected.

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