May 24, 2024

There are no longer any permits for wind turbines. The court order also applies retroactively to projects that have already been approved

Wind energy projects are no longer allowed to obtain environmental approval in France. This was decided by the Council of State, the country's highest administrative court.

Before wind turbines can be approved again, new acoustic disturbance classification protocols must be defined. This also retroactively affects projects that have already been approved or established. the magazine Tichy's insight mentioned.

The Environmental Protection Association filed a lawsuit against citizens because they were disturbed by the noise of wind turbines. The association describes the ruling as a “historic decision.”

According to the State Council, the noise measurement regulations have not yet been subjected to environmental evaluation. In addition, the public was not able to have an opinion, which contradicts the principles of participation and transparency.

Unlike Germany, for example, French judges consider that noise from wind turbines has a very significant impact on the health of local residents.

But German doctors have long been calling for new studies on vocal effects. This is mainly because wind turbines are much larger today than they were twenty years ago. Infrasonic pressure can have a serious impact on the body's organs and cells.

In a previous case, a French court actually found that wind turbines led to changes in the health of local residents. There has been talk of “wind turbine syndrome.” Low-frequency sound and ultrasound cause weakness.

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