June 16, 2024

Nationalspielerin Katarina Jobst-Smith spielt für das Team der University of Minnesota-Duluth. (Foto: dpa/picture alliance/nordphoto)

The women of DEB face Austria in two World Cup tests

Lesdoyer: California. 1 minute

The match starts on Wednesday of next week at 7 PM and on Thursday at 11 AM. These are the only test games selected by the German Ice Hockey Federation before leaving for Canada.

Franziska Bosch, the young national coach, who coached the DEB women in the World Cup on behalf of the women’s national coach Christian Konast, nominated 26 players for the second stage. There’s also Sandra Appstreeter (Providence College) and Katrina Jobst Smith (University of Minnesota-Duluth), both activists in North America. Marie Delarb (ERC Ingolstadt) now joins the squad after being injured in February.

After the second phase, the DEB team will spend another week in home training before the third phase of preparations for the World Cup begins on April 16 in Füssen. Going forward, the DEB team is already undergoing World Cup testing specifications and will then travel to Canada on April 22nd. On May 1 only, participating teams are allowed to go on ice after eight days of individual quarantine in Halifax and Truro.

Young coach Francesca Bosch: “We will now work more on tactics, because we are almost complete – and also try players in different locations. In the friendly match against Austria we want to implement our findings and play a role. We want to deepen, enhance and acquire knowledge where there is still a problem. “

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