The United Arab Emirates has the most powerful passport

Passport Index
A surprise in first place: A country in the Middle East has the most powerful passport in the world

Passport controls and long queues are often part of the immigration process at airports. Some travelers find it easier because of their passports

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The so-called “passport index” shows which passports give you the most freedom of travel. Germany always ranks first in the world. But this year, the country ranks first, located in the southeast of the Persian Gulf

Enter 160 countries without having to apply for a visa – only the most powerful passport in the world can do that and not something residents of Germany, Sweden or Finland can get. With a UAE passport, you currently enjoy the greatest amount of freedom to travel around the world. it shows Passport Index 2022Published by Arton Capital.

The consulting firm mainly collects this data from official information from government agencies, but it also consults the United Nations Human Development Index. ‘Real-time’ passport index analysis – meaning: New visa regulations are taken into account as soon as they come into force.

The United Arab Emirates climbed to the top from the 14th position this year.

Passport Index: Surprise in first place: A country in the Middle East has the most powerful passport in the world

The German passport provides hassle-free entry without a visa or “visa on arrival” in 152 out of 199 countries (the index also includes some countries that are not members of the United Nations or whose country status is controversial) and thus come in less than a third of the space they share. with some countries.

Italy and Finland are slightly ahead of Germany in second place. Afghanistan and Iraq are in the background. These passport holders are allowed to enter 34 countries without a visa.

Top 10 Passport Index messages for 2022

1- United Arab Emirates (160 countries)

2. Italy and Finland (153 countries)

3. Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, South Korea, New Zealand (152 countries)

4- Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and Australia (151 countries)

5- France, Czech Republic, Malta, Norway, Poland, Hungary (150 countries)

6- Greece, Slovakia, Ireland, Great Britain and the United States of America (149 countries)

7- Estonia, Lietown, Iceland, Slovenia, Canada, Latvia (148 countries)

8- Liechtenstein, Japan (147 countries)

9- Croatia (146 countries)

10. Romania, Cyprus and Singapore (145 countries)

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