The pensioner wins a million in the lottery – with three correct numbers!

In Munich, any man can look forward to winning the lottery around 1 million euros. He didn’t even need six for that, three numbers were enough.

The basics in brief

  • An 80-year-old man from Munich is now a proud millionaire.
  • He won the lottery money.
  • The pensioner only needed three valid numbers.

One must be lucky with this guy!

80 years from Munich has Strongly sweep the lottery. about a million Franken He can now contact his property.

Three was enough

As he wrote «», he participated in the special drawing all over Germany in «Lotto 6aus49». Buy a multi-week pass from December 4 to early January. And since the first draw on Saturday, he can look forward to his win.

Remarkable: the pensioner Had to win a million So that all numbers are correct. Three whole numbers were enough.

Have you ever won a lot of money in the lottery?

And what does a man do with his earnings? “At my age I don’t really need money anymore. Children especially should Take advantage of my profits“The pensioner said. So he wants to support his relatives and charities above all else.

But he has only one wish: he would like to go on a “nice luxury cruise.”

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