May 22, 2024

The new WhatsApp symbol: means lock in the chat


Updated March 19, 2024 at 5:21 p.m

Some users are surprised by the new WhatsApp icon. A small lock appears in the chat. What is it all about?

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WhatsApp is constantly evolving. New functions and icons constantly appear on the popular messenger. Be it channels or status messages – WhatsApp is constantly introducing something new. Current innovation is now about security, As reported by fan blog “WABetaInfo”..

For some beta testers who downloaded the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store, a lock recently appeared in the chat under the name of the chat partner. What does it mean? Is something blocked?

Does WhatsApp become more secure with lock?

There is no reason to worry as the lock is only meant to indicate that the chat and conversation is safe. The message “End-to-end encrypted” also appears next to the lock. This means that chat partners can ensure that no one else can access, read or hear this conversation. The lock provides a simplified view only. But it should only remain under your chat partner or group's name for a few seconds. The usual status will then be displayed there again, such as “Online”.

Encryption as default

With this innovation, it seems that Meta wants to focus more on the security of its messenger. Since 2016, all chats on WhatsApp have been end-to-end encrypted. This is not the default setting for other messengers, such as Telegram.

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According to the “WABetaInfo” website, the new lock is currently only available to some testers of the beta version. However, all versions should be distributed soon.
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