April 23, 2024

The LEGO Botanical Almanac is now available in the UK and Europe

Those in the UK and Europe finally have LEGO Botanical Almanac: A Guide to Brick-Built Blooms.

Last year we revealed that an official book based on the LEGO “Botanical Collection” was set to be released in the US earlier this month. The good news is that LEGO Botanical Almanac: A Field Guide to Brick-Built Blooms is now available from Chronicle Books for fans of the theme in the UK and Europe.

The 122-page title features a lavishly illustrated collection of flowers and plants with a LEGO twist. The book brings together all kinds of fascinating facts about flowers, with exclusive behind-the-scenes stories from the designers behind the Lego sets and hand-drawn botanical illustrations by artist Nina Pace.

Each page in LEGO Botanical Almanac: A Field Guide to Brick-Built Blooms offers an in-depth look at a specific LEGO flower or succulent, detailing the two collections and the original plants that inspired them.


In addition, the back of the book has an exclusive botanical collection printed with a hand-drawn illustration from the title. The removable print can then be formatted and displayed for all to see or stored safely in a book.

The LEGO Botanical Almanac – A Field Guide to Flowers Made of Bricks is available now from all good bookshops and retailers, with some already discounting the book's official RRP of £14.99.

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