The larger British Cheesemaker assists the smaller British Cheesemaker with the obsession

The impact of Brexit on small businesses is being felt across the UK. For the cheese factory, this resulted in an unusual rescue.

Simon Spurrell explains that the divorce has left his company, the Cheshire Cheese Company, with a €685,000 black hole in lost business in the EU.

In 2019 he decided to invest more than 1 million euros in a warehouse to meet orders from the European Union. But just two years later, the losses have piled up:

“This put us in a situation where we no longer had access to the EU, and that meant we had to try to find a solution and fortunately for us our close neighbors and good friends in the same county have Cheshire, who are taller than us, hand outstretched, Joseph Heller’s is the name of the company, they’re third-generation cheesemakers, they reached out and put their hands around our shoulders and said, you know, ‘we can help you.'”

Heler Cheese has a distribution center in the Netherlands. This meant that Simon Sporrel cheese could once again be sold profitably in Europe.

Spurrell himself would continue to take an interest in the company and remain its managing director.

But things are looking bleaker for other companies.

A recent research report shows that trade between the UK and the EU has fallen by 16 per cent since the UK left the EU.

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