July 15, 2024

MultiBank Group announces relocation of its headquarters from Hong Kong to Dubai and celebrates a new beginning in the UAE with a dazzling gala dinner

MultiBank Group announces relocation of its headquarters from Hong Kong to Dubai and celebrates a new beginning in the UAE with a dazzling gala dinner

Dubai United Arab Emirates

MultiBank Group

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MultiBank Group celebrates new beginnings in the UAE with a stunning evening gala dinner (Photo: Business Wire)

  • Since its inception in 2005, MultiBank Group has grown to become the largest financial derivatives institution in the world. Recently, in October 2022, MultiBank Group moved its headquarters from Hong Kong to Dubai, UAE. Nasser Taher, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MultiBank Group, stated:

“MultiBank Group has recently obtained additional licenses from two of the most respected regulators in the world, the Securities and Commodities Authority of the United Arab Emirates (‘SCA’) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (‘MAS’). The Board of Directors faced a difficult decision about relocating headquarters. New to Singapore or Dubai I am pleased that the Board of Directors has unanimously decided to move to Dubai after lengthy deliberations and in view of the UAE government’s positive and encouraging policy in promoting Dubai as a major global financial centre.

We are very proud that MultiBank Group has relocated to Dubai with an impeccable track record with global regulators, and the world’s largest derivatives institution is strengthening its position in the UAE.”

  • MultiBank Group is present in more than 20 countries on 5 continents including Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, UK, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Cyprus, Turkey, Ecuador, USA, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and now UAE.

  • The Annual Gala Dinner, an exclusive, invitation-only event, brought together influential members of the business community and gave them the opportunity to share in MultiBank Group’s vision for the future. As one of the leading providers of financial and technology services, MultiBank Group has achieved unprecedented annual growth and unprecedented financial results.


MultiBank Group was incorporated in California (USA) in 2005. With a daily turnover of more than $12.1 billion, it serves a broad client base of more than 1,000,000 customers in 100 countries. MultiBank Group has grown to become one of the world’s largest providers of online financial derivatives. It offers its valued clients award-winning trading platforms with leverage of up to 500:1 on products such as forex, metals, stocks, commodities, indices and digital assets. For more information, see https://multibankfx.com.

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