June 14, 2024

The Italians paved the pit themselves – nearly 900 francs in fines

He turned to the municipal administration several times to ask them to patch up the hole – to no avail. So the 72-year-old took action himself: He decided to fill in the hole himself. But now it costs him dearly.

Because shortly after that, a bus rumbled at his house. Cost: 882 euros (about 860 francs). Reason for the fine: Carrying out potentially dangerous acts in a public place without a permit or qualification.

Trenta shared the message on Facebook. “If you think I’m a fool,” he told Corriere della Sera, “you’re wrong.” “You provoked me, so I am now filing a counterclaim against the city government for negligence.”

The pensioner does not think to pay the fine. Why should I be punished, he asks, and not those who knew about the problem and did not intervene?

The Italian has received a lot of cheers on social media. One person comments on Trenta’s post that they sent a protest email to Barlassina City Hall.

Trenta himself wants to “fight to the bitter end to have this fine lifted”. In his view, this represented an “injustice”.

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