May 22, 2024

So könnte es in Großbritannien bald öfter aussehen

The club’s first legal night since March 2020

On the weekend, the first legal club nights since the coronavirus pandemic took place in Liverpool. A total of 6000 people celebrated two evenings to the tunes of Sven Väth, Yousef, The Blessed Madonna, Fatboy Slim and Hot 82 or more years ago – without social distancing and a mouth-and-nose cap.

The “first dance” at Großbritannien

Two events were held at the Bramley-Moore Dock in Liverpool over the weekend. Both events are part of the UK government’s “Event Research Program” (ERP) and are intended to help test framework conditions for clubs and investigate the spread of coronavirus.

Under the slogan “The First Dance” was the musician Yousef They were invited in both the evening and celebrate with colleagues like Sven Fat, Blessed Madonna, Fat Boy Slim And 6,000 guests – it was an unforgettable evening for all of the participants.

In order to participate, the visitors had to come from Liverpool and its region. In addition, they had to show a negative result of the aura test before the events. However, in place, the rules of distance had to be observed and the mouth and nose hood was omitted. Five days after the events, all participants must perform a PCR test to ensure that any transmission during the event can be properly monitored.

Here’s what it finally looked like over the weekend:

Fotocredit: Wendy Wei