May 18, 2024

Switching the implementation of the free Sci-Fi MMO is now available •

Switching the implementation of the free Sci-Fi MMO is now available •

Skyforge “turned” platform

  • Skyforge is now available for free on the Nintendo eShop for Switch
  • The new Hainwandler class gets a brand new trailer
  • You can make getting started easier with our fee-based startup packages

Today, Skyforge’s science fiction fantasy adventure hits the switch. You can now download the title for free from the Nintendo eShop. My.Games is also presenting a trailer for the new Hainwandler category.

In this MMO, you have to protect your planet Aelion from space invasions as a divine being. With the power of magic and technology, you prevent invaders from taking over your planet. So far, you’ve been able to defend your homeland with current and recent PC and consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

From today you can also register for permanent service on the key located in Aelion. By the way, you don’t need a Switch Online subscription for this. If knights, necromancers, alchemists, and their associates weren’t interesting enough to you, now you can make your way through hordes of aliens with the grove. For this purpose, the nature-based magic class uses a large magic wand that visually reminds us of a small tree.

As the bushes advance, a forest wizard damages his opponents. See for yourself the tricks the tree wizard has hidden in the new trailer:

The video shows the legendary class fighting combat robots from the Factory 501. My.Games describes its new stepfather as “an extremely capable wizard who shoots his enemies from a distance with wild and natural magic.” The Mage class is also well equipped to withstand very little damage.

Sparked interest? You can see the address at Nintendo eShop Download and install for free. Your wallet is also safe from future content updates – not because My.Games has no plans to feed the game with more forays. Upcoming patches are available for free on all platforms.

If you still feel the need to buy a round of developer coffee, you can purchase one of the three founders’ packages. It costs between 15 and 70 euros and, depending on the package, contains various unlocked classes, a small startup capital, legendary weapons and premium status for a certain number of days.