December 10, 2023

Stop sabotaging Oculus Facebook

Stop sabotaging Oculus Facebook

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Facebook now Introduce Messenger Trust me on my Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headphones, I also swing.

Messenger is only available for those who have previously linked their Facebook account to their Quest or Quest 2 headset. Therefore, those who stick to their separate Oculus account integration are safe for now. But if you are one of those who went by the way and bought Oculus headphones OctoberYou might already know that you need to log into your Facebook account first. It is understandable if these ads are a major attempt by Facebook to take over your gadgetCollect more of your data.

Adding Messenger to Oculus goes against the full purpose of VR: immersion. Not only do I want to read messages on my headphones, but how should someone in Messenger respond while wearing the Quest?? Facebook said in its press release that users can write messages by typing them in virtual reality, choose something specific, or use the voice-to-text feature, and it did not provide any other details. Typing with a joystick was neither fast nor comfortable, no one could write without looking at the keyboard, and speech-to-text was not 100% accurate. Don’t always explain Regional dialects or Speech disorders.

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And I mean, why would you want to chat with your Messenger friends in virtual reality VRChat Existing? Thank goodness, Facebook gives you the option to log out of Messenger on your Oculus headset. This is the best – the biggest problem here Facebook’s tendency to collect data.

User request When you link Oculus to your Facebook account, social media already has access to it Your virtual reality gaming habitsBut Facebook Aggregation Also data from its messaging app.

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When Apple released oneFeed labels to protect dataFor the app store last yearClick on the CVS receipt on Facebook Messenger. Find out for the first time 9-5Mac, it turns out Facebook collects an absurd amount of data about its users, including: sensitive information for product customization, analysis, and app functionality; Financial information For external advertisers and the ambiguous “other” category; And device ID data.

If you use Messenger on Oculus, Facebook may also collect data from there. According to Apple’s Privacy Policy, Facebook collects data about users’ gaming content. when The company announced for the first time Oculus users should log into their Facebook accounts and verify that they are collecting “relevant content” data for users in “Oculus Activity”. This data is used to recommend Oculus events or VR apps.

Oculus is another way for the company to collect more data about its users, and adding Messenger to the VR platform gives the company more ways to do that. Integrate everything with Facebook Bad Privacy Sign UpAnd honestly Consume all VR gaming fun with the Oculus headset.

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