June 14, 2024

Swarm love nest – must be angry with anger!

Vladimir Putin (70) is overwhelmed with anger!

In fact, the head of the Kremlin keeps his love life in the strictest confidence. Actually, because: A Russian mediator recently exposed his secret luxurious life with his sweetheart Alina Kabaeva (39).

Moderator Proekt made his research public and revealed: Putin lives with the former Olympic gymnast and their children in a castle near the Russian city of Valdai.

Putin lives here in the arms of luxury. The villa has its own spa, swimming pool, cinema and even a secret train station.

According to the Russian Telegram channel “General SVR”, the 70-year-old is standing next to him. A source close to him said: “No one has ever seen the president so angry.” He is said to have cried and writhed with anger. According to insiders, his health has deteriorated significantly.

He seems to blame his lover, Alina Kabaeva, for the leak. “Putin said he had information that Alina’s circle of friends chatted.” A heated argument ensued between the couple.

Kabaeva and Vladimir Putin have not publicly confirmed their relationship. They reportedly have at least two children together.

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