State aid scoreboard shows increase in spending by member states on state aid in 2019 – 2020 data still being collected

Meanwhile, the Commission has conducted a survey among member states on COVID-related aid expenditures up to December 2020. You can find the results of this survey. Here.

The aid scoreboard of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition does not include aid for services of general economic importance, rail transport, agriculture or fisheries. The positive impact of the government assistance policy in directing public support towards goals of common European interest is underlined, with about 51 percent of total spending (69.1 billion euros) used to support environmental projects and energy savings, 10 percent (13.9 billion euros). ) for research, development and innovation and 8.5 percent (11.5 billion euros) for regional development.

These figures relate to aid expenditures in 2019. Aid from member states in connection with the coronavirus outbreak is not yet included in this version of the aid scoreboard. Member states will announce 2020 spending figures later this year and the Commission will publish them in early 2022.

Data collected on state aid expenditures are available on the website of the Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition. In accordance with relevant European transparency requirements, the public search page of the Government Aid Transparency website also provides access to information on individual aid provided by Member States. Transparency requirements aim to increase donor accountability and reduce aid uncertainty by giving citizens and businesses easy access to relevant information about the aid awarded – recipient, amount, location, economic sector, and target of aid.

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