The consultations between the European Union and Great Britain are inconclusive

Girl carrying the European Union flag in Northern Ireland

The European Union and Great Britain issued a Joint Declaration on the Peace Agreement and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

(Photo: dpa)

London, Brussels Despite conciliatory words from both sides, there is still a solution in sight to the turmoil over Brexit rules in the British province of Northern Ireland. The so-called Joint Commission of the European Union and Great Britain joined forces on Wednesday to hold an Internet conference, but the joint statement subsequently remained vague.

Background to this physical checks dispute between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. It aims to avoid the need for a rigid border between the two halves of Ireland, but it makes business more difficult, for example, for supermarkets that bring their goods into the county by sea from Great Britain. In some cases, the shelves for vegetables were empty after they went into operation at the start of the year.

After the conflict temporarily escalated as the European Union briefly considered introducing controls to control vaccine exports, London has called for sweeping changes to the protocol. But there was no talk of that on Wednesday.

The two sides committed to a joint declaration on the Peace Agreement and the Northern Ireland Protocol. It should now continue to work with business associations and other interest groups. The British government has also confirmed that it will support supermarkets and their suppliers with an operating plan and provide new digital solutions to retailers.

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Disappointed Arlene Foster, president of the Protestant Party of Northern Ireland. Foster told the BBC that the European Union Commission did not hear the concerns of the trade union community in Northern Ireland.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael O’Neill of the Republican Catholic Sinn Fein rated the talks less negatively. Both sides adhered to the Northern Ireland Protocol. The European Union also announced that the Joint Commission will meet again before the end of March.

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