May 22, 2024

Spring New Year's Eve in the Southwest - a record in Great Britain

Spring New Year’s Eve in the Southwest – a record in Great Britain

A great backdrop: In strong Fuenen weather, the Munich Frauenkirche stands out against the Alps, which are more than 100 kilometers away.
Photo: dpa

With up to 16 degrees in southwest Germany, the year ends relatively warm – in Great Britain there is even a temperature record. The odds are also good for a New Year’s walk.

MWith unusually mild temperatures, the old year is saying goodbye in large parts of Germany. Maximum temperatures on Friday should be between ten degrees on the coasts and as high as 16 degrees in the southwest, the German Weather Service (DWD) announced. Until Saturday evening, meteorologists are not expecting any significant cold.

In Great Britain, the Meteorological Service reported the warmest New Year’s Eve since the measurements began. In Rayhill, East Yorkshire, the temperature reached 14.9 degrees Celsius on Friday. This is 0.1 degrees higher than the previous record set in 2011. Meteorologists believe the temperature could still rise.

In the new year, experts expect cloudy, but mostly dry and temperate weather in large parts of Germany. On Saturday there will be some relaxation in the southwest hemisphere and some sun in the south. Temperatures with a maximum of seven to 14 degrees.

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