May 18, 2024

Spencer Rattler is leaving Oklahoma soon

Spencer Rattler is leaving Oklahoma soon

MUNICH – Pre-season he was one of the top nominees for the Heisman Trophy, and now he has to take a step back: Spencer Rattler is dropping out of the University of Oklahoma and moving to South Carolina to the Gamecocks.

The quarterback announced this on social media. Ratler lost his place as a midfield starter to the Sooners during a disappointing season with eleven touchdowns and five interceptions to rival Caleb Williams.

Before the season started, he was one of the most hopeful talents in the United States, finishing his freshman year in college with 28 touchdowns and just seven interceptions.

College Football: Spencer Rattler gets off to a great start on Netflix

The 21-year-old made a lot of noise in high school and was named the best quarterback nationally in 2019. In addition to two other talents in quarterback, he was the main character in the Netflix series “QB1,” which made him better known.

While the Sooners finished the season 10-2, South Carolina State was pretty bad with a 6-6 score. For the coming year, hopes should be on Rattler, who will attempt his third year of college to regain his old strength.

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