June 23, 2024

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Space Invaders for mobile: Square Enix is ​​developing its own AR game

New releases of the classics are currently in vogue. No matter if it’s a remaster or even a remake: Fans are often happy to review their favorite games. But Square Enix digs deep into the box of nostalgia and uncovers a title from the late 1970s. Space Invaders is being re-released for smartphones and even comes to our phones as an AR game.

Space invaders like Pokemon GO? Square Enix publishes teasers

However, it is not currently clear what gameplay we can expect from the title. Be it catching principle or similar assembly as with Pokemon GO It seems unlikely. What is certain, however, is that the well-known title from Arcade Machines and Game Boy Times is played in the real world, just like the Nintendo monster hunt for mobile phones.

After all, Square Enix left us a YouTube teaser that leads us through Space Invader’s very emotionally old times. But at some point the aliens seemed to appear on Earth in the familiar pixel shape, as it appears in the video. So it is now up to the game’s fans to fend off the “invaders” from the other world. In any form currently unknown.

After all, you can actually sign up for more information on the game’s official website. Square Enix will likely plan a trial period for Space Invaders AR as well. Then we must learn a lot about the principle of the game. The title appears for both Android and Apple iOS.

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