June 21, 2024

Skyliners won the pour thanks to Mobley

Skyliners won the pour thanks to Mobley

DrHe was afraid to see the professional basketball players on the floor in the hall. From second to second, the Frankfurt and Giessen teams flared as if under the command and covered their ears with a restless look. Three and a half minutes before the end of the Bundesliga match, the alarm siren sounded in the hall supernaturally for the Fraport Skyliners on Saturday at 74:71. “Everyone is awake!” Someone shouted after the deafening ghost had ended after what seemed like endless seconds.

The false alarm caused great surprise and horror among the players, but did not cause a decrease in performance at the crucial stage of the game. Both teams stayed true to their rhythm and allowed unnecessary losses of the ball to follow with successful measures. The reaction of feelings. After all, it was a three-point throw from scorer Matt Mobley (21 points) to 80:77 and a throw from Michael Kissins (14) on the Frankfurt side that ensured Skyliners’ 82:79 success in Hessenderby. .

Jayson strongman John Bryant (31) managed to shorten the goal to 79:80, but the last three-point throw of his team-mate Pjarn Kraushar (0) missed the goal. For the first time this season, the Frankfurt team has won three games in a row. On the table they are still in ninth place, two points behind Bamberg’s eighth place. Gießen changed places with Vechta and is now at the bottom of the scale. Mittelhusen is already 16th, with six points. Plus, Weißenfels has played one less game. As Gießen walks a fine line, Skyliners set off for a sporty climb.

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Skyliners coach Sebastian Gleem said, “In the last two matches we have developed a winning mentality that helped us keep our cool against Jesen in the final stages.” However, Frankfurt could not do without losing the ball. After the home team took the lead by 77-74 with a three-point throw from Quantis Robertson, who had a total of 16 points, and Frankfurt’s John Axel Godmondson had just seized the ball while defending against Bryant, Mobley gently returned the ball out of his hands.