March 3, 2024

Sea level rise is accelerating

Sea level rise is accelerating

The Met Office has published the UK’s weather and climate report. It shows how climate change will affect the UK, based on current knowledge.

Sea level rise and coastal erosion have already forced coastal residents from their homes. Crossing the sea shore at Happisburgh in Norfolk. (Photo: Phil Bird /

The focus is on sea level rise, which will undoubtedly become a problem for the island. By comparison, sea levels have risen about 6.5 inches since 1900, but the rate of rise is accelerating. Currently, it is increasing by 3 to 5 millimeters per year.

As a result of this development, a step Report The BBC reports that more and more coastlines are exposed due to strong storm surges and winds. According to scientists, about 500,000 homes are already threatened by floods.

And there is no hope that this situation will improve. “The scale, speed and impact will change, and dramatically, very soon,” Dr. Svetlana Zevrejieva from the National Oceanographic Centre.

There are alarming model calculations of how water levels in Great Britain will change in the coming decades. As a result what large areas are threatened by flooding. Here is a link to a previous article on this topic: Sea Level Rise.

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