June 20, 2024

Russian Federation wants to encircle Ukrainian forces in Donbass - UK |  Message robot

Russian Federation wants to encircle Ukrainian forces in Donbass – UK | Message robot

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Russian occupation forces are concentrating on encircling Ukrainian forces in the Donbass. This is according to a recent intelligence report from the British Ministry of Defense released on March 27.

“Russian forces appear to be focusing on defending Ukrainian forces, which are heading straight for separatist areas in the east, as far as Kharkiv and Mariupol in the south,” the report said.

In northern Ukraine, the battlefield is largely stable, with localized Ukrainian counter-attacks blocking Russian attempts to reorganize their forces, according to British intelligence.

British intelligence explains what Russia fears

On March 25, Russia’s Defense Ministry said it was focusing on “complete liberation of Donbass” but was also trying to storm Kiev, Kharkiv and other regional centers.

For its part, the Pentagon said Russia had changed its invasion priorities and was no longer targeting Kiev, but rather targeting Donbass to cut off Ukrainian forces to the east.

However, civil servants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces say that the Russian army is withdrawing several units to the Chernobyl area and then to Belarus.

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