February 22, 2024

Russell Williams years currently feature?

Russell Williams years currently feature?

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Russell Williams years currently feature?

Jacques Villeneuve put forward at least this theory. 1997 world champion writes In his column in “Formule1.nl”: “George Russell can, in a sense, do it [Mercedes-]overtake the car.”

“Maybe it’s because of his years at Williams, where he also had to drive a tough car. But Lewis Hamilton just didn’t get along at all,” Al-Kindi said, referring to Hamilton’s exit in Saudi Arabia in the first quarter of the year.

“He always had the perfect car,” he says of the situation at Hamilton and Mercedes in recent years. “He never had to push because it was so much faster.” The car does not currently fit Hamilton’s driving style.

To be fair, it must be said that Hamilton landed ahead of Russell Russell’s first in Bahrain.

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special helmet

Bottas is competing with a special helmet design this weekend. Not surprisingly, his girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell, who designs his helmet, is from Australia. So half the race at home is for Finn!

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The FIA ​​reminds drivers: No jewelry in the cockpit!

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has issued a reminder to Formula 1 drivers: Jewelery must not be worn during the sport, and therefore must be removed before a session on the track. This was made clear again in a statement in the run-up to the Australian Grand Prix.

You can find out what’s behind the rather strange-looking tip here!

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Ferrari drivers: a world championship fight as an added incentive?

Emerson Fittipaldi can imagine that Leclerc and Sainz will be stronger this year. Opposite Vegas Insider The two-time world champion explains: “You ride at a very high level.”

“You have a chance to win the championship. When the driver knows he has the potential to win the world championship, he wants to take advantage of it and he will give 110 per cent all the time,” said the Brazilian.

“I think this year for Ferrari to be world champion again,” he said. But does the title go to Leclerc or Sainz? In the first two races, Leclerc was well ahead of his teammate.

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reconstructed roads

When it comes to this topic, this series of images also come to mind. Perfect for a lunch break!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 tracks reconstructed

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Magnussen: Some ‘little more’ changes

Much has already been said about the innovations at Albert Park this year. Magnussen explains that the changes were eventually made to “improve the show,” which he welcomes.

However, it may have been a little exaggerated. “I think it might not have been necessary to at least remove the previous 9/10 curves,” explains the Dane. Some changes are “a little higher”.

However, it is “cool” that they are trying to improve the races. “Let’s see how the race goes,” said the Haas driver.

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F1 x Supercars

With Perez and Alonso, two F1 drivers today tested an Australian supercar. There are impressions of him in our photo gallery:

PHOTOS: F1: Australian Grand Prix (Melbourne) 2022, pre-events

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Haas: How can it work with the platform

In the first two races of the season, Magnussen finished on points. What does it take to get to the platform? “I don’t think we will be fast enough on any track this year to get to the podium at our own pace,” he said.

But it could still work because: “If we were the best car behind the top three teams, we’d be the first to get the podium if something happened up front or there was a safety car or a red flag or something,” Magnussen explains.

So the goal should be to be ‘up front in the midfield’. The Dane then explains that the “timing” must be correct. So it may take some luck, but just the fact that Haas can dream of a platform that shows the progress that has been made in 2022!

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Speaking of the Alps…

The French are wearing their usual uniform for the first time this year this weekend. In Bahrain and Saudi Arabia they started with a special design for a BWT partner.

In Melbourne we will see the Blue Alps on the track for the first time in 2022 at the Grand Prix!

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Simon has a question about the time difference in Australia. We have Mercedes in this thread Already presented and revealed exciting insights in 2018: “Team members are given a sleep schedule so that their body clock is used up in the new time zone.”

“These sleep schedules are used to select flights to Australia in the best possible way. It is assumed that they can begin to adapt to Australian time on the flight. It is important to sleep at night time in Australia and at the same time as at the destination to eat.”

“Once you arrive it is important to keep an eye on the light and dark times, but also on the meals, when they are eaten and the level of training (the team also brings a physiotherapist and coach to Melbourne).

“Of course, the drivers follow these plans as well and even go one step further so that they are as well prepared as possible for the grueling hours that await them on the track.”

“They only do light exercises, which helps them acclimatize faster. All necessary exercises are completed before they even set foot on the plane.”

In the end, every driver has his own way of dealing with the time difference. Some take it better, others worse.

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