June 17, 2024

Roman Abramovich is supposed to mediate with Zelensky on behalf of Putin

DrRussian billionaire Roman Abramovich is said to have been the victim of an attempted poisoning during Russia-Ukrainian negotiations earlier this month. His spokesman confirmed this, Monday, according to what was reported by the Wall Street Journal, that Abramovich and two members of the Ukrainian delegation showed symptoms such as peeling skin on their faces and hands and red eyes. Kyiv negotiator Mikhailo Podolyak denied on Monday evening that members of the Ukrainian delegation had been poisoned. US government representatives also expressed skepticism about the reports, which are based on research by the investigative group Bellingcat. A US official said the intelligence indicated a high probability that it was environmental rather than poisoning.

It appears that Abramovich has been mediating at the highest level between the presidents of Russia and Ukraine for weeks. The British newspaper The Times reported on Monday that Abramovich flew by private jet from Istanbul, where he is currently residing, to Moscow last Wednesday to deliver a handwritten note from Volodymyr Zelensky to Vladimir Putin and returned the same evening to discuss Putin’s response with the Ukrainian. negotiators.

According to the Financial Times, Putin personally commissioned Abramovich to mediate. In addition, David Arachhamia, who leads Zelensky’s party in the Kyiv parliament, confirmed to the newspaper that Abramovich is “deeply engaged in peace talks.”

“Tell them I’m going to hit them”

Abramovich is among the most prominent oligarchs who have gained a foothold in the United Kingdom. After not extending his visa in 2018, the British government recently imposed sanctions on him, which also resulted in him losing control of his Premier League football club Chelsea. Shortly thereafter, the European Union did the same.

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The government in Washington has so far refrained from taking any action against Abramovich. The Wall Street Journal reported that Silinsky asked US President Joe Biden not to implement a number of sanctions that had already been prepared against the oligarchy, which may have something to do with the mediating role.

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