Restart the Amazon Fire TV Stick: Here’s how

How do I configure my FIRE TV STICK?

Is Fire TV Stick suspended? Then sometimes a reboot helps. We’ll show you how to restart Fire TV Stick.

Energy Fire TV Stick problem? Then a restart is recommended, and it often works wonders. There are several options Fire TV Steak Restart. The easiest thing to do is unplug it by pulling the plug from the socket. Wait a few seconds and reconnect it.

Keyboard shortcut to restart

You have to hold down the buttons at the same time to start the restart.

You have to hold down the buttons at the same time to start the restart.

This variable is especially recommended if the stick is no longer reacting, otherwise the restart can also be initiated using the stick’s remote control.

To do this, you have to hold down the Select button and Play / Pause button on your Fire TV remote simultaneously for 10 seconds. The Fire TV Stick will restart after this.

Are you using it instead of a remote Mobile phone to control Fire TV Stick? Or the shortcut key failed? Then you can restart Fire TV Stick via the menu. To do so, proceed as follows.

File starts Fire TV Stick has stopped working after restart? Then the tips in the linked article may help you.

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