June 21, 2024

Death Door: This battle is being fought with sharp claws!

Death Door: This battle is being fought with sharp claws!

As the sun rises from the sky outside, players can return to the dark gameroom with a new action adventure in Summer 2021 and feel like a bird – a gloomy bird! However, “Death’s Door” was announced for this time by developer Acid Nerve and publisher “Devolver Digital” for Xbox X / S, Xbox One and PC (Steam). The game honors the honorable work of crows in reaping the lives of the dead. An ad clip reveals the first ideas.

at steam You can actually put the RPG “Death Door” on your wishlist. There he says in the advertisement: “Harvesting the souls of the dead and stamping the clock hands may be a bit tedious in the long run, but it is an honorable act for the crow. The job suddenly becomes alive where the soul assigned to you is stolen and you have to follow a desperate thief in a world untouched by death – where the creatures live. Far from its normal range and explode with greed and strength. “

How and where is the fighting going?

As a crow, of course, you fight with sharp claws. But this is not enough, therefore there are also melee weapons, arrows and magic with which you can defeat monsters and demigods. As usual, skills grow as battles progress. However, one is punished for mistakes. Promise is a bleak, wonderful world with many doors for you to walk through. The player meets strange characters who give him a little hope.

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And what exactly is the mission of crows in this game? This has not been clearly revealed yet and it is clear that the answer to that is also part of the story that needs to be revealed. However, Steam says: “Uncover a mysterious secret: track down great dictators with their stories and motivations – and defeat them. Experience a dark but humorous story as you uncover the facts behind the River of Spirits, learn about the role of crows and reveal the origins of the doors.” The exact release date is not yet known. .