March 3, 2024

Quickly build a subway

Quickly build a subway

Connect fonts smartly

The lines on the peninsula and those on the mainland must be connected cleverly. Photo: Dinosaur Polo Club / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

‘Mini Metro’ is available via Steam for PC, Mac and Linux The mini-game for PC, Mac, and Apple Arcade turns players into subway planners. Lines are happily planned and connected, bridges or tunnels dug on a number of maps based on real cities. The need for underground transportation is steadily increasing, there are more stations open and need to be connected, and more lines are needed. Anyone who achieves certain transport volumes receives additional lines, tunnels, or vehicles.

Passengers’ demands need smart ways

but that is not all. “Mini Metro” makes it difficult for players: virtual passengers don’t just want to ride the metro. For example, you want to go from a square station to a round station or a cross station. Lines and diversion points should be intelligently planned so that there is no traffic and crowds on the platforms. If the station is too full, you lose the game.

If you reach a certain number of passengers in a city, you will unlock other cities. Some of them have their own terms. In Cairo, Egypt, for example, wagons are particularly small; On the map of Tokyo, the Shinkansen rushes across the map at a brisk pace. Because of this game and other game modes such as infinite or creative, “Mini Metro” has a very high replay value.

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Mini Metro is available via Steam for PC, Mac and Linux (about €8) and as part of Apple’s arcade game service for iOS, Apple TV and Mac for around €5 per month.