March 3, 2024

Prince Charles and Camilla are spending the New Year here

Prince Charles and Camilla are spending the New Year here

Prince Charles (73) and Crown Princess Camilla (74) seem to be resting on New Year’s Eve. Over the Christmas holidays, the couple kept the company of Queen Elizabeth II (95) at Windsor Castle. Shortly before, Princess Anne (71) and her husband Timothy Lawrence (66) He had to cancel the festive meal for health reasons. But where is the will? Prinz Charles And Camila spends the end of the year?

Apparently, the royal couple is heading to the north of the UK on New Year’s Eve. employment Pictures, the daily Mail Available, the couple has now been photographed leaving Aberdeen Airport in Scotland. While the 73-year-old can be seen driving the car, his wife has sat in the passenger seat. Apparently, the two are on their way to their Scottish country house Birkhall, where they are said to be celebrating New Year’s Eve together.

The two will likely take the New Year’s approach quietly. Last week, the country’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced that large gatherings remain prohibited due to the current health situation. As the British magazine reported, Prince Williams (39) the father and the Duchess of Cornwall flew with their private jet from west London to Scotland.

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, April 2019
Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles, members of the British royal family
Prince Charles and his wife Camilla in December 2021
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