June 23, 2024

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Post-Brexit: Bavaria organizes Twitch Europe

After Brexit, BLM will take care of Twitch Europe. Sources: Bavarian State Center for New Media (BLM) / Twitch Interactive, Inc.

The Bavarian State Center for New Media and the video-sharing platform “Twitch”, which is now firmly entrenched in the lives of many players, will work “together” more closely in the future than most of us thought possible. This is also another outcome of Brexit, which has been widely discussed. But this message is interesting even for players who do not deal much with politics.

I can actually hear readers chanting that we should treat games and politics separately and not confuse the topics. I am still writing this politically tainted article. I am writing it because I think this development could make some people smile a little.

Video sharing platform “Twitch” introduced in the European Union by “Twitch Interactive, Inc.” Known as a subsidiary of “Amazon.com” – it has been under German jurisdiction since the end of the so-called “Brexit period”. In addition, it is also supervised by the Bavarian State Center for New Media (BLM). The aforementioned country headquarters is responsible for organizing Twitch in the European Union.

“Future cooperation with BLM provides an excellent basis for Twitch to continue to be successful in Germany and beyond. So we are pleased that BLM has been able to formally confirm that Germany is now the member state of the European Union that will organize Twitch in the future.”

Burkhard Lembrock, Twitch’s European Commercial Director

How did BLM now oversee Twitch?

When the United Kingdom left the European Union in the aftermath of Brexit, the authority of the media regulator that is or will be responsible for the company changed. This means that the video sharing platform can only be supervised within the UK by the UK media regulatory authority Ofcom. The company has previously overseen this in the European Union.

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As a result, “Twitch Interactive”, in cooperation with Twitch Interactive Germany GmbH (Twitch DE), contacted the Bavarian State Center for New Media and made sure that the conditions for effective supervision and legal enforcement were ensured. Accordingly, Twitch Interactive will report regularly to the Bavarian State Center for New Media on measures ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and will be available as a permanent contact.

With more than 30 million daily users, Twitch is one of the largest online video services worldwide, and after Amazon Prime Video, it is already the second largest online video service under the leadership of the Bavarian State Headquarters for New Media.

“We welcome the fact that after Amazon Prime Video, Twitch is now the second largest online video service under BLM. For state headquarters, this is a confirmation of fair but consistent oversight. But it is also an award for Media Site Bavaria, which is evolving to become a point of contact for global on-demand shows and platforms Share the video. “

Siegfried Schneider, President of BLM