June 16, 2024

Vehicles One takes over the processing materials from Solvay

Vehicles One takes over the processing materials from Solvay

Vehicles are oneNorth America’s leading provider of value-added vehicles and services has completed the acquisition of the Process Materials division in Solvay Composites’ international materials business and is renamed Aerovac.

The acquisition is a unique opportunity for the company to expand its international manufacturing and distribution capabilities for specialty materials used in a variety of vacuum-assisted composite manufacturing processes.

Aerovac is a major manufacturer, developer and supplier of process materials, tools and services for pre-treatment (pre-saturated fibers), vacuum infusion, glass lamination and other industrial applications.

Aerofac products

The Aerovac range consists of a wide range of vacuum packaging materials, packaging films, ventilation fabrics, sealing films and fabrics, right up to peeling sheets, sealing tapes, valves and hoses. There are also custom treatment kits as well as hard and soft tools.

These products are made from the same high-quality processing materials that Composites One has provided to its customers over the past two years as Solvay’s North American distributor.

Autoclave from Aerovac |  Photo: Aerofac

“Aerovac is a natural and strategic addition to the Composites One business,” said Steve Dehmlow, CEO of Composites One. “It places us in a position of future growth and establishes Composites One as an important supplier to the aviation, wind and shipping markets.”

“We think the practical materials business will benefit greatly from being part of Composites One,” said Carmelo Le Farrow, Head of International Materials Business at Solvay Composites. “The company’s goal is to grow and invest in the business, to enhance innovation, reliability and customer service, and to build on the excellent work of our team.”

Site expansion through acquisition

Site expansion by Aerovac |  Graphics: one composite

Through the acquisition, Composites One acquired several manufacturing, equipment design / manufacture and material distribution sites including Santa in Springs, California, Sumner, Washington, Kigley, UK, Mondovi, Italy and Toulouse, France. Another location in Toulouse focuses on developing and manufacturing hard and soft tools.

Another attractive addition is the UK-based Med-Lab distributor, which trades in consumables to repair aircraft engines and fuel test kits.

Composites One has partnered with Emko Capital, a firm specializing in the investment and management of private industrial and manufacturing companies, for the successful acquisition of Aerovac.