May 18, 2024

Police dog and suspect have a duel of bite

Police dog and suspect have a duel of bite

In Canada, police dog Mando supports his colleagues in an arrest operation. One of the suspects bit him. The receipt follows immediately.

The basics in brief

  • Mando was bitten by a suspect in Vancouver.
  • The police dog bites – the man has to go to the hospital.
  • Human bite is accused of several crimes.

A raging man in the Canadian city of Vancouver. The 32-year-old threatens many people and is listed at the gates of the residents of a social housing complex.

The police came out shortly after 5 am. When the law enforcement officers arrive, the man runs away. The officers put him on the street shortly after.

He resists. Police dog Mando supports arrest – but the man bites him!

Have you ever met a police dog?

Dog and suspect injured after duel bite

The four-legged friend bites. Then the police managed to put the handcuffs on. As can be seen from the media statement, both opponents suffer wounds.

The man must be taken to the hospital. Mando himself was only slightly injured. The accused is accused of multiple crimes.

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