June 19, 2024

Pokémon GO talks about the next few weeks, and offers several special research

Pokémon GO talks about the next few weeks, and offers several special research

developers Pokemon GO They shared a roadmap for early 2022, outlining the topics they are focusing on now and what players can expect next.

What was shared? On the official Pokémon GO blog, the developers have shared a roadmap for the beginning of 2022. The roadmap shows what is currently being worked on and what projects are planned for a certain time period.

In the latest post, Niantic talked about the Johto Tour, Trainer Battle improvements, postcard system updates, next season update, and Community Days.

A roadmap for the next few months in Pokémon GO

This is what the developers plan to do: Here we show you an overview of the points raised from the developers’ blog. Full information in English can be found at Pokemon GO website. Focus now on

  • Social interaction in the real world
  • and exploration

Gohto Tour: After the positive feedback on last year’s Kanto Tour, the developers are now looking forward to the Johto Tour. They emphasize new arena coaches based on the personalities the community introduced into the competition. You can choose whether or not you want to use this content. In addition, the developers emphasize The new Masterwork Research that brings you Apex Crypto Pokémon.

Coach fights: In PvP, the developers are currently focusing on fixing bugs. The following developer’s notebook will address this topic. What we know about Battle League Season 11 in Pokémon GO.

Postcards: Niantic writes that they are happy about the positive feedback and are working on other jobs. These include notifications, save stickers, gift limit increases, new postcard sorting functions, and new postcard descriptions.

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Seasons update: According to Niantic, you liked the coaches, like the current season with Hoopa and the mysterious door upload. Next season they want to “share several seasonal special research stories with you.” They should focus on smaller adventures.

Community days: Regarding the community days, Niantic says “the past two years have been tough on all of us.” The team continues to promote a sense of community among coaches around the world. One of those experiences was Classic first day community. Niantic is now conducting further research on the concept of Community Days to make it ‘new and exciting’.

How do you like the outlook for evolution in Pokémon GO? Would you have liked more details or was it just enough to know what the team wanted to work on now?

Community Days have already been scheduled for March, April and May.