June 23, 2024

Overwatch 2: Season 4 is coming – what Blizzard has planned

Online action game Overwatch 2 has already entered its fourth season after being released last October – and now Blizzard has published a roadmap of what you can expect in concrete terms.

A little earlier than expected, Blizzard Entertainment has now published the roadmap for Season 4 of the online action game Overwatch 2 and in the course of this announcement details what content you can expect when it launches next week. Among other things, the focus is on the Starwatch mode, but there are also map changes, a new Battle Pass, events and reworks by Brigitte.

It was previously known that a new support hero is coming to the game with Lifeweaver. This will be available with the launch of Season 4 on April 11th. The scientist focuses his abilities on healing and other protection mechanisms for his team.

Another important new content in Season 4 is the aforementioned Starwatch mode with the subtitle “Galactic Rescue”. It’s a 4vs4 mode in Horizon Lunar Colony, a map that has already disappeared from the general map rotation with the retirement of Assault mode. There will also be some skins inspired by Space Opera. In terms of gameplay, you have to fight either for the Watchers or the Infinite Empire and then fight for victory. This space run mode will be available from May 9-22, 2023.

The new season also introduces a new arcade mode called BOB and Weave. Here you and two friends team up to take on each other in 3v3 Deathmatches, each team needs a Lifeweaver. This mode is available until April 25th and you can earn special rewards.

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A new Community map, balancing changes including a revision of Brigitte’s ultimate ability and a new battle pass with all kinds of unlockable bonuses in Season 4.

Overwatch 2 – Season 4 Trailer Ad

Overwatch 2 is now entering its fourth season with new game content.