WoW: Deep Dweller World Quest has been launched again

from Sarah Petzold
The time has finally come again: The Quest for the World, where you can get the Water Mountain Deep Dwellers, is again available on live WoW servers. We explain how you unlock the mission and what you need to do to get the useful install.

If you like to explore the depths of the Azeroth sea as a non-priest in WoW, then you can sometimes be prepared for a rather boring journey. Special water mounts such as seahorses, stingrays or jellyfish are available – but they are not easy to obtain or are very limited in usability. But now there is good news for all those who do not yet have a usable underwater mount: because the global mission “DANGER: Kosumoth the Starving” is finally available again on live servers after a long wait.

This world rewards you with a mountain Deep residents, which you can use as a stand underwater. However, you must first unlock the world quest. We will now explain how this works.

Obtaining Profound Dwellers – This is how the Secret World Quest Mountain Quest works

First go to Broken Shore from WoW (Buy now ): Legion and find the Orc on the coast southwest of Savior’s Cliff Darkaul (coordinates 37/71). Talk to him and click on all dialogue options. Now look to the northeast of Savior Cliff (at coordinates 58/54) for a cave with a green flame in front. Head into the cave and find a pile of dirt on the ground to interact with. you get one Remains survived.

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Now you’re back to Drak’Thul with the relic in your luggage and talking to him. Click on all dialog options again for it to recur. Before Drak’Thul is a sphere with stones indicating the location of the various orbs. Now your task is to find these orbs and click on them in the correct order. The best way to do this is to use the TomTom add-on and enter the following coordinates:

  • / way Azsuna 37.95 37.43 – entrance to the cave where you will find the orb (1)
  • / way Stormheim 32.86 75.77 – entrance to the cave where you will find the orb (2)
  • / way Val’sharah 41.5 81.16 – entrance to the cave where you will find the orb (3)
  • / way Broken Shore 29.27 78.37 – entrance to the cave where you will find the orb (4)
  • / way Azsuna 59.33 13.09 – entrance to the cave where you will find the orb (5)
  • / way Stormheim 79.17 .52 – Head north from here until you come to a statue. There you will find the entrance to a cave near a shark. (6)
  • / way Highmountain 53.39 35.51 – Run all the way from here. (7)
  • / way Highmountain 55.19 38.20 – jump down the wing (7)
  • / way Highmountain 55.84 38.45 – entrance to the cave where you will find the orb under a skull (7)
  • / way Azsuna 54.02 26.21 – entrance to a cave next to a pillar hidden behind a bush (8)
  • / way The Eye of Azshara 79.41 89.37 or on the world map of the Broken Islands in 50/91 – swim straight through the boat here to a hidden cave. (9)
  • / way The Broken Shore 37.45 71.66 – on Drak’thul table (10)
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To check that the ball is not forgotten, you can use the following macro:

  • /local run a = {43730,43731,43732,43733,43734,43735,43736,43737,43760,43761} for i, q in ipairs (a) print(“Sphere%s:%s”, i , IsQuestflaggedCompleted(q) and “\124cFF00FF00done\124r” or “\124cFFFF0000 not completed\124r”))

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