April 22, 2024

Other daily sports news - the 11th NBA Women's World Championship - Sports

Other daily sports news – the 11th NBA Women’s World Championship – Sports

More sports news today – 11th US Women’s Basketball World Cup – Sports – SRF

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30 World Cup matches unbeaten

The US women’s basketball team celebrates at the Super Dome in Sydney.

Images by imago / AAP / James Gurley

Basketball: World Cup gold again for USA

Basketball players from the United States lived up to their role as candidates and went on to win the 11th gold medal at the World Cup. The record winners beat China in the final in Sydney with a score of 83:61 (43:33) and won for the fourth time in a row. This means that the Olympic champions are undefeated at the World Championships in 30 matches. The last time Australia broke through to American women’s dominance was in 2006. This year’s World Cup hosts didn’t go empty-handed and took bronze against Canada (95:65).

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