April 13, 2024

Nvidia RTX Video Super Resolution: VLC supports AI upscaling

With Nvidia’s superior RTX video resolution, videos can be upscaled in real time using artificial intelligence. Until now, this was only possible in Chromium browsers and was useful for Netflix or YouTube, for example. VLC media player now also supports Nvidia graphics cards feature.

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media players for Windows, Mac and Linux. It can play almost any video format and offers several useful features such as subtitles, equalizer, and web streaming support. Now he has VLC media player Got another feature that should please owners of Nvidia RTX 30 or 40 series graphics cards: support Nvidia RTX Ultra Video Resolution.

Nvidia RTX VSR (not to be confused with AMD’s Virtual Super Resolution) is a technology that improves the picture quality of low-resolution videos by using artificial intelligence to fill in missing details. Video is upscaled to the screen’s native resolution without looking pixelated or pixelated. The result is a sharper, sharper image that is closer to the original.

Image: Nvidia

The advantages of Nvidia RTX Video Super Resolution are mainly Notable with streaming services like Netflix, Twitch, or YouTube, which often offers lower bit rate videos to save bandwidth. With Nvidia RTX Video Super Resolution, these videos can be upscaled to look almost the same as HD or 4K videos. This is especially useful for users who have slow internet connections or limited data volume. With Netflix, higher resolutions are also reserved for more expensive subscriptions.

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To enable Nvidia RTX Video Super Resolution in VLC media player, one just needs to download and install the latest version of the player. Then you should in the Nvidia Control Panel Under Adjust video picture settings, check the Ultra resolution box under RTX video optimization and choose a quality from one to four.

The advantage though Only compatible with Nvidia RTX 30 or 40 graphics cards, because it requires special tensor cores for these cards. So if you still have an old graphics card, you will unfortunately have to do without this functionality or buy a new one. The RTX 20 models are an exception because Nvidia has announced that they will also be releasing a VSR for the Turing architecture – but it could be a few months before that happens.


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