Slim Image Creates Live DVD with Windows 11

If you do not want to install Windows 11 on your computer and still want to use the Redmond operating system, now you can use an unofficial image. With Tiny11 based on Live11, it is possible to create a Live DVD with Windows 11.


The image was created by developer NTDev, who is also behind the simple versions of Tiny10 and Tiny11. Live11 can be burned to an optical disc. The user can boot the system from the DVD. On startup, a 4GB virtual drive is created in main memory. A minimum of eight gigabytes of RAM is required to run Live11. The image file can be accessed via a Internet Archives It can be downloaded.

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Live DVD does not provide write capability

Live11 had to be significantly reduced in size in order to burn the image to DVD. Therefore, there are not many options that can be found in a normal version of the operating system. Programs cannot be installed or settings saved. Live DVD is read only as no write access is allowed to the installation media. These data vectors are frequently used in the Linux area to solve problems. These platforms are usually not suitable for regular work.

The operating system must be set up again with each startup. Here you can specify, among other things, which keyboard layout to use and which privacy settings to use. The developer wants to confirm that apart from removing the components, no modifications have been made to the operating system. However, users should note that the image is not officially provided by Microsoft. Therefore Live11 is not recommended for use in environments with sensitive data.


  • Windows 11 is available as an unofficial: Tiny11 Live11-based version.
  • The image file can be downloaded from the Internet Archive.
  • 8 GB of RAM required to start Live11.
  • Many options are not available, there is no write access to the installation media.
  • Settings must be modified with each startup.
  • Not recommended for environments with sensitive data.

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